A new journey will begin!

18 magical creatures from various regions of Brazil will be discovered. But a magic item can take you to more special places.

Turmalina Paraíba is a Gemstone discovered in the district of São José da Batalha, state of Paraíba. Legend has it that this precious item is able to illuminate paths that lead to magical creatures.

Collect the Turmalina Paraiba and be blessed with 5 Crypto Legends Epic during the Journey.

Remaining: X/25All have been collected

What can the Gemstone do?

Whenever there is a Crypto Epic Legends drop, the collector who owns the magic gem will have the character in their collection instantly, they will not go to the 1st Market.

There will be a total of 5 Characters.

Amounts of each: 25/25

Check the "ORDER DROPS" to find out when the epic legends will fall, at the bottom of this page

Can I trade my Gemstone?

Crypto Epic Legends will only enter the collection of those who have the gemstone in their possession, that is, if you sell it before the next delivery, the person who bought it will be rewarded.

If you are buying on the secondary market, you will only be awarded the following drops.



Crypto Legendary Legends can be found by many survivors.

Characters: 10

Amount: -50/50 +100/100


Crypto Epic Legends can only be found by those who own the gemstone.

Characters: 5

Amount: 25/25


Crypto Rare Legends can only be found by 1 survivor each.

Characters: 3

Amount: 1/1

How does burning work?

All remaining will be burned within 48 hours of the drop.

Will we have giveaways?

3 surprise giveaways will happen along the way.

How will royalties work?

Royalties will default to 10% (minimum) from now on.