What are the legends?

Brazil, a giant country, in each region, a new culture to discover and new stories to hear. Here there is a culture of growing up hearing about certain characters that can torment us if we are poorly raised. These stories have been told since the discovery of Brazil. The proportion that this has in Brazilian culture is very large. Cities were named after some characters. They are present from children's education books to TV series and movies. The truth is that each one always has a particular way of telling these stories and describing these characters, here you'll find just one more of these versions, but in a more exciting way.

Who is behind?

Renancio Monte is a 26-year-old Brazilian Digital Artist who lives in the interior of the state of Ceará. Who likes to address political and social issues in his work, using art as a tool to give voice to forgotten issues. In March 2021 he decided to start publicizing his work with the NFT through the hic et nunc platform talking about socio-environmental causes and attracting more visibility to talk about other topics in the future.

In May 2021, the CryptoLegends project was born, which became the culmination of his trajectory with NFT.

What comes next?

Part of the end is the beginning, much is to come, in the meantime, enjoy the secondary market.

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